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In-person classes, virtual online classes, and advanced hands-on training.

Bird Barrier America currently offers individual module classes in basic bird control, business  development and certification. Bird Barrier will now offer advanced classes and a master bird control certification.

Next Certification Class
February 13th, or March 16th - 8AM-1PM

Certified Training Modules

Earn your Bird Control Certificate!

Our six modules below will help you become a certified modern bird control installer. Take our one-day class, pass the module training test at the end of the session and receive a Bird Barrier training certificate!

Module 1 - Intro to Bird Control

  • The differences in bird pressures
  • An overview of different exclusion & strategies to move birds.
  • Pre-qualifying bird control opportunities.

Module 2 - Optical Gel/OptiCA

  • Opening doors to more bird control opportunities with Optical Gel.
  • Proper preparation and installation.
  • What is this amazing new bird control tool?

Module 3 - Installing Ledge Products

  • Learn about different bird pressure on different ledges.
  • Matching the best ledge deterrent with the problem.
  • In depth look at Bird-Shock, Bird-Spikes, Birdwire, BirdSlide, Bird-Coil.

Module 4 - StealthNet Installation

  • Understand the concept of netting system design and implementation.
  • How to attach to wood, concrete/stone, steel and sheet metal.
  • Unique solutions for common netting obstructions.

Module 5 - Estimating Bird Control

  • Assessing the job site.
  • Using Bird Barrier's digital estimating tools.
  • Estimating the needs for the job. (materials, access equipment, cleaning, labor)

Module 6 - Selling Bird Control

  • Writing a winning proposal.
  • The soft sell & last look advisor, how to make sure you win the job.
  • Handling sales objections & closing any bird deal from real world scenarios.
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