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Bird Barrier’s team of professionals have been teaching PMPs bird control for more than 25 years. Many installers credit our training with their success.

Earn Your “Master Bird Control Specialist” certificate after attending these six (6) required classes.

Participants are required to answer 10-20 online questions after each class to pass the class and earn their certification. All classes are recorded with sharable links available later. Certificates will only be issued to students who are in the live sessions. Feel free to take these classes in any order you choose. All classes are on Pacific Daylight Time!

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Block Classes

We're proud to offer two styles of classes for you. Continue scrolling down to sign up for individual classes and electives. Or, click here or the button below to sign up for our block style classes. These blocks combine our modules into two, three hour long blocks.

Company Training Sessions

If your company is serious about getting in the bird control business, our team of experts will be able to train all of your staff in one or two days. Click here, or on the button below to request specific days that work for you and your team members.


Session 1:
Introduction to Bird Control

Ever wanted to know what makes a successful bird control professional? With this introductory class, PMPs can learn a wide ranging of topics to get them started in this lucrative field. Expect to learn about:

  • The differences in bird pressures.
  • An overview of different exclusion & repellent strategies to move birds.
  • Why facility managers will pay for bird control.
  • Pre-qualifying bird control opportunities.
Session 1

Session 2: Optical Gel / OptiCA Certification

Optical Gel, known as OptiCA in Canada, is the simplest, most effective way to do modern bird control. This in-depth class covers all aspects of what PMPs need to know about these little dishes of magic. Expect to learn about:

  • What is this amazing new bird control tool?
  • Opening doors to more bird control opportunities with Optical Gel .
  • Proper preparation and installation.
  • Recurring revenue models using Optical Gel.
Session 2

Session 3: Bird Control on Ledges

Ledges are everywhere, meaning birds will be too. Not only are ledges one of the easier problems to fix, they are one of the most common places where deterrents will go. Expect to learn about:

  • Learn about different bird pressure on different ledges.
  • Matching the best ledge deterrent with the problem.
  • In depth look at Bird-Shock, Bird-Spikes, Birdwire, BirdSlide, Bird-Coil
Session 3

Session 4: Selling Bird Control Projects

You’ve finally got the knowledge and tools at your disposal, what now? With this hour long class and an optional hour LIVE session after, PMPs will be able to close any type of bird job. Expect to learn about:

  • Writing a winning proposal.
  • The soft sell & last look advisor, how to make sure you win the job.
  • Handling sales objections & closing any bird deal from real world scenarios.
Session 4

Session 5: Estimating Bird Control

This session goes into heavy detail about the costs associated with doing bird control, as well as what specific needs jobs may have. With loads of real-world examples, demonstrations, and use of Bird Barrier’s free online tools, PMPs will be able to know every cost detail that their clients and themselves will want to know. Expect to learn about:

  • Assessing the job site.
  • Giving the facility manager a rough estimate to evaluate interest.
  • Estimating the needs for the job (materials, access equipment, cleaning, labor)
  • Using Bird Barrier's digital estimating tools
Session 5

Session 6: StealthNet Installation

StealthNet is one of the most rewarding and intensive bird control methods out there. This two-hour class will show an up-close and hands-on approach on everything StealthNet. Expect to learn about:

  • Understand the concept of netting system design and implementation
  • How to attach to wood, concrete/stone, steel and sheet metal
  • Optional Additional Hands-On Training (Purchase here)
  • Unique solutions for common netting obstructions
Session 6

Session 8: Sanitation in Bird Control

Birds present unique health risks most are unaware of. In this session we explore the bird related health risks in detail as well as Sanitation Services you can offer to combat COVID-19. Bird Barrier will discuss about bird droppings, diseases, and PPE / spray equipment we are supplying to PMPs.



Session 9: Bird Control Clean Up

Did you know bird cleanup is considered a Hazmat situation?

Cleaning up bird droppings properly before installation is a critical step in effective results for bird control success. It is the most important driving force behind why customers want to pay to solve birds. However, cleanup also makes the exclusion and pest bird deterrent methods more effective, reducing callbacks.

  • Learn about bird pressure related to imprinting behavior from bird droppings.
  • Understand the right kind of cleaning solutions specific to birds.
  • Understand PPE and equipment required for executing safe cleanup

See examples of minor to significant cleanup and how you should propose this type of work.



Session 10: Reccuring Revenue Models

Installing Optical Gel/OptiCA with monthly check-ups to a site provides customers a sense of reliability and commitment while allowing installers to have an extra source of revenue.



More Classes Coming Soon!

Session 19: Solar Panel Exclusion

Solar Panels are popping up daily around the country. This class covers how to implement a monthly cleaning plan!


Session 19