Welcome To Bird Barrier's Online Training
(Block Classes)

Become bird control certified in less than 24 hours with our block sections of our classes.

Earn Your “Master Bird Control Specialist” certificate after attending two of these block classes. Each block is around 3 hours long and goes over three of the six required modules. Become Bird Control Certified in less than 24 hours.

Participants are required to answer 10-20 online questions after each class to pass the class and earn their certification. All classes are recorded with sharable links available later. Certificates will only be issued to students who are in the live sessions. Feel free to take these classes in any order you choose. All classes are on Pacific Daylight Time!

Block 1:
Intro to Bird Control, Optical Gel / OptiCA, & Ledge Products

Block 1 consists of our Intro to Bird Control, Optical Gel / OptiCA, and Ledge products classes. PMPs can learn a wide ranging of topics to get them started in this lucrative field.

  • The differences in bird pressures.
  • An overview of different exclusion & repellent strategies to move birds.
  • Opening doors to more bird control opportunities with Optical Gel.
  • Recurring revenue models using Optical Gel.
  • Matching the best ledge deterrent with the problem.
  • In depth look at Bird-Shock, Bird-Spikes, Birdwire, BirdSlide, Bird-Coil

Block 2: Estimating / Selling Bird Control & StealthNet Installation

Block 2 consists of our Selling / Estimating Bird Control & StealthNet classes. Expect to learn about:

  • Writing a winning proposal.
  • The soft sell & last look advisor, how to make sure you win the job.
  • Assessing the job site.
  • Estimating the needs for the job (materials, access equipment, cleaning, labor)
  • Understand the concept of netting system design and implementation